Supplements that Fight Allergies

Allergy season is a pain to deal with and so is the allergy medicine.  Try a different approach this season with supplements.  Quercetin (1,000 mg a day), which reduces itching eyes and a runny nose, is a flavonoid found in onions, garlic, apples and red wine. Magnesium (350 mg per day) is great for relaxing muscles in the body.  Fish oil (3 grams a day) fights off inflammatory conditions, allergic responses, and hypersensitive skin reactions.  Vitamin C (1000 mg a day) is also a common antioxidant that reduces inflammation and mucous membranes in our throat.[1]

Go to your local health store and fight allergies this season with supplements.  Take these supplements year round for a healthier and stronger you.

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Dr. Kim

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