Tomato Juice for Blood Thinning

Tomatoes are known for their vast range of health benefits, which also includes blood thinning! The blood’s ability to clot is through a process called platelet aggregation, which means the “clumping together of blood cells.” Tomato juice has been shown to reduce platelet aggregation, which in turn helps the blood to thin out. This is especially good news for people who suffer from type-2 diabetes because their platelets are prone to be hyperactive and stick to the lining of blood vessel walls, which could later develop into cardiovascular disease.[1]

Low sodium tomato juice is a safe way to thin your blood and should be considered by those with risk of cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, and those who travel long distances.

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Dr. Kim

Photo | Tomato Juice | by Ricardo Liberato | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike license


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