Trans-Fat Will Make You Dumb

We all know that trans-fats are dangerous because of their role in raising cholesterol, as well as causing heart disease and diabetes.  However, did you know that trans-fats can effect our brains cells as well?  The brain is 70 percent fat and the introduction of trans-fats can have a negative effect on the myelin sheath that plays a role in the sending of communication signals.  This effect will diminish mental performance.  Another danger is that trans-fats deplete the body’s storage of Omega-3’s, which is vital for brain development and function. [1]

Stay away from processed, fried and any foods with high trans-fats.  We are a society that loves quick and easy food, but it’s not worth the health risk of losing our mental performance.

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Dr. Kim

Photo by Mykl Roventine on Flickr

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