When Not to Drink

drinkMost people eat their meals too fast. They don’t chew their food sufficiently, so they end up drinking fluid to wash it down. But when you have a beverage with food, your digestive enzymes become diluted, your meal doesn’t break down completely, and you end up storing the food as fat.* You should drink 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after the eating, but not during a meal.

Reduce the amount of water or other beverages during your meals today. If you can’t cut out a beverage completely, try sipping it instead of drinking fully.

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Dr. Kim

Photo | Food and Drink: Water (fizzy) | by Adam Raoof | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution License
*Alexander, Rick. Victory Over Fat: Six Steps to Permanent Fat Loss and Super Health. Galahad, 2005. 135.


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