When Not to Drink

© Tihis | Dreamstime.comMost people eat their meals too fast. They don’t chew their food sufficiently, so they end up drinking fluid to wash it down. But when you have a beverage with food, your digestive enzymes are diluted, your meal doesn’t break down completely, and you end up storing the food as fat.*  You should drink 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after the eating, but not during a meal.

Let’s reduce the amount of water or other beverages during your meals today. If you can’t cut out a beverage completely, try sipping it instead of drinking fully. 

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Dr. Kim

*Alexander, Rick. Victory Over Fat: Six Steps to Permanent Fat Loss and Super Health. Galahad, 2005. 135.

Photo  © Tihis | Dreamstime.com

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